8 March 2013

5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's day, in the UK at least, is in two days time. I hope anybody who has a loving mother has gotten her a present already, but if you haven't (or need ideas for next year) and want some ideas outside of the standard flowers and "world's best mum" mugs, then I hope this guide can help you!

1. Beauty treatment voucher
If your mum likes being pampered and your local salon (or whoever does beauty treatments near you) does vouchers, then this could be a nice idea for her. If you're stuck on what treatment to get her then you could go for a pedicure or manicure.

2. Concert tickets
If your mother has a favourite band or artist who is family friendly then it could be a nice day out - if you have siblings you can split the costs between you. This wasn't for mother's day, but as a present for my mum's birthday we went to see the band Take That, one of my mum's favourite (and most fancied) bands!

3. Origami gifts
There are tons of tutorials out there which teach you how to make different kinds of origami boxes, which you could then decorate and fill with a few little treats such as mini bottles of perfume, mini bottles of nail polish in her favourite colour, chocolates, or other nice little things.

4. For the fashionista
Does your mum have a signature item that she can't get enough of? Handbags? Shoes? For my mum it's scarves - a pretty new scarf is always a safe bet for a present for her.

5. Something she will actually use
While novelty presents are fun, the enjoyment gained from them in the long term is a lot less compared to something she'll actually use. If your mother loves baking then get her some sort of kitchen equipment she doesn't already have, if she loves wearing jewelry then get her a pretty new jewelry box, something along those lines.

This post is to get the ball rolling. Make it personal to your mum, of course, and give it to her with a card and, most importantly, a big hug!
Lots of love,

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