14 November 2012

Fashion Flashback: 1920s

Fashion Flashback: 1920s
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Many of the current fashion trends are throwbacks to the past, and I absolutely love it, so I decided to write some posts on how to wear fashion from past decades in a gorgeous and modern way. One of my favourite decades for fashion is the 1920s, so I'm starting off there!

1920s Inspired
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The most famous fashion style of the 20s was the Flapper look - featuring drop waistlines, short skirts and that famous bobbed haircut รก la Louise Brooks. The roaring 20s was a time of change, and flappers were known for breaking social norms (and looking pretty fabulous while doing it). 

1920s Inspired
1. Dress from Fashion Union / £32.00
2. Necklace from New Look / £12.99
3. Clutch Bag from New Look / £19.99
4. Hat from Anthropologie / £44.00
5. Ring from 1928 / $22.00 (£13.85)
6. Shoes from New Look / £14.99
Total = £137.82

Back then the flapper style was pretty expensive, but nowadays it doesn't have to be. 
So, what's your favourite part of 1920s fashion? Do you have any recommendations for my next Fashion Flashback post? Comments are always welcome.

PS: I didn't post on Sunday like I usually do because it was remembrance day, and I couldn't think of an appropriate post so I decided on having the equivalent of a few minutes silence on my blog.


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