26 February 2013

Style Winners At The Oscars 2013

Sunday night was the night of The Oscars 2013! We found out who won the awards, but which ladies were the style winners? Here are my top picks from the red carpet.

Style Winners At The Oscars 2013: The Dark
Adele / Salma Hayek / Sandra Bullock
Black is classic, and these ladies were just that.
My favourite: Adele, who looked every inch the bond girl in her Jenny Packham gown.

Style Winners At The Oscars 2013: The Light
Charlize Theron / Jennifer Lawrence / Amanda Seyfried
Light pinks and purples, as well as whites, were very popular on the red carpet this year.
My favourite: Charlize Theron. A look that was simple but absolutely stunning. Looking forward to seeing a whole lot more white this spring!

Style Winners At The Oscars 2013: The Bright
Jennifer Garner / Kerry Washington / Jennifer Aniston
There were slim pickings for bright coloured gowns this year, but most of the ladies who did wear them got it right.
My favourite: Jennifer Aniston, who looked as vibrant as her dress. What a beautiful lady!

Style Winners At The Oscars 2013: The Sparkling
 Catherine Zeta Jones / Jessica Chastain / Halle Berry
These starlets barely needed their metallic gowns to sparkle.
My favourite: Jessica Chastain. She rocked the old hollywood glamour look with this dress, hair and makeup. She may not have won Best Actress but she certainly was a winner style-wise in my books!

This post was created as part of IFB Project #84.
 So, those are my picks, but who wore your favourite looks that evening? Comments always appreciated.
Lots of love and designer gowns,

22 February 2013

Top 5 Spring Makeup Trends 2013

Hi there. Spring most definitely has not sprung quite yet, but I'm sure we all want to be prepared for when it does. So here are some beauty trends that I'll be looking forward to for this spring!

1. Matte Lips
 Giles / Burberry Prorsum / Missoni
Drop that lip gloss - the lip texture for this spring is matte. Think velvety and smooth rather than dry. I particularly love the bright coral shade used by Missoni (on the right).

2. Think Pink
 Peter Som / Donna Karan / Costello Tagliapietra
Pink is the colour of this spring beauty-wise, whether it's a pale shade or a vibrant one. The bright pink mascara might be a little much, so instead wear a bright pop of fuchsia on your lips, go for a pink eyeshadow that suits your eye colour, or go a little crazy with the pink blush.

3. Fresh Faced Minimalism
Alexander Wang / Rag & Bone / Oscar De La Renta
Not exactly ground-breaking stuff, but this is a look that's refreshing to see after all the oxblood-stained lips of autumn and winter. It's all about pretty, glowing skin, bronzer and blusher, and possibly (gasp) bare lashes!

4. Stand-Out Liner
Michael Kors / Marc Jacobs / Fendi
Whether its the sixties-inspired look from Marc Jacobs or the bold, bright coloured liner from Michael Kors, this spring is the time to experiment with your liner. Try looking up makeup tutorials for ideas on what you can do with your eyeliner - there's tons of them!

5. Bold, Dark Eyebrows
Jason Wu / Moschino / Marc Jacobs
Go easy on the plucking, and have your eyebrow pencil handy. Bold eyebrows have been in for quite some time now, which is good news if you're like me and have naturally fairly thick brows. As seen on model of the moment Cara Delevingne (she's on the right in the stand-out liner picture).

So what are you looking forward to this spring beauty-wise? Feel free to leave your comments below.
Lots of love and eyeliner,

20 February 2013

Liebster Award

Hey there everybody. I was very kindly nominated for the Liebster Award by Britt of Lizzie and Jane! I think I've been nominated for this a couple of times in the past, but for some reason never quite got round to actually participating. That's all changing with this post.

About the Liebster Award:
The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. Bloggers are nominated by other bloggers as a way to network and recognize newcomers to the blogging world!

1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions that the blogger who nominated you gave you.
3. Ask 11 new questions for your nominees to answer.
4. Nominate 11 more bloggers with less than 200 followers.
5. Let each blogger you've nominated know that you have chosen him or her for the award.
6. Thank the blogger who nominated you and put a link back to his or her blog in your post.

11 Facts About Me:
1. I'm English, born and raised.
2. I'll be turning 18 in April this year.
3. I'm a little bit obsessed with the TV show Doctor Who.
4. I will (hopefully) begin studying Computer Science at university in September.
5. I have a love for pastel colours.
6. I am most definitely a dog person.
7. I have phobias of spiders and small spaces.
8. I speak a bit of French and German.
9. My top bucket list items are to travel around Europe, get a book published, and learn how to cook.
10. When I was little I used to make pretend magazines with my fashion designs in them!
11. I don't have a middle name - I wish I did.

Questions From Brittany:
1. Do you prefer coffee or tea?
Neither. I'll have a hot chocolate if I need a warm drink!
2. What is your favorite place you've ever visited and why?
Disney World, Florida. Need I say more?! It was so much fun, I'm lucky enough to be going there again later on this year.
3. Who is your favorite designer or style icon?
It's difficult to choose just one! I suppose my ultimate style icon would be Audrey Hepburn, she was the epitome of class.
4. Would you choose a beach or mountain vacation and why?
Beach. I'm a chilled out kind of girl, not a mountain climber.
5. What are three items that you have in your bag at all times?
My phone, my house keys and my purse.
6. What is your favorite quote and why?
"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." It's a good reminder that if you want your life to turn out a certain way, you have to take action - you can't simply let life pass you by and expect everything to fall into place. It's something we all need to be reminded of sometimes.
7. Do you have a signature item? If so, what is it? (piece of jewelry, color, bag, etc.)
I have a little owl coin purse that I usually take with me in my bag. I've never seen anybody else with one like it!
8. How would you describe your personal style in three words?
Casual, comfortable, chic.
9. Who is your favorite author or the most influential book you've read?
Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell were interesting reads. I'm a sucker for good dystopian fiction.
10. What motivated or inspired you to start your blog?
I've always loved writing and have wanted to start a blog for ages, and I've always loved fashion, and once the two came together in my head I knew I just had to! I've really enjoyed my blogging experience so far.
11. What do you think is the most important thing to remember about blogging?
Do it because you enjoy it - don't blog for anybody other than yourself.

My Nominees:

Questions For My Nominees:
1. What are your favourite places to shop?
2. Where in the world would you most love to visit and why?
3. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
4. What's your guilty pleasure?
5. What's your favourite song right now?
6. What are your favourite colours?
7. Are you an impulse buyer?
8. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
9. What would be your dream job?
10. If you could steal any celebrity's closet, whose would it be?
11. What's your favourite thing about being a blogger?

Sorry to my nominees if I miscounted your followers or you have taken part in this before.
Thanks again to Britt for nominating me! Don't forget to check out her blog as well as the above nominees. This is a really great way to spread the word about up and coming blogs, so I hope my nominees will want to participate.
Mit viel Liebe,

17 February 2013

Links à la Mode!

Hello lovelies! I was lucky enough to be featured in IFB's Links à la Mode for the second time! My post on different ways to mix prints was featured in the February 14th edition of the weekly round-up, along with some absolutely fantastic other blogs. Check their posts out below! In other news, I now have an official About page. You can check that out in the navigation above if you want to get to know me a little bit better.

Love, Prints & Inspired Style
Edited By: Taylor Davies
This week’s IFB Links a la Mode round up is a mish-mash of things that have me feeling very inspired on this Valentine’s Day. Some posts are about love and love stories (talk about fashionable couples!) some are all about amazing prints, and some are drawing inspiration from cult classic films (Clueless!) and chic new exhibits in New York. Enjoy the round up and have a love-filled day!

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup: February 14th
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Anjelais: Tomboy Aeternus: A Style Journey
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Elegant Idiosyncracy: Confessions of a Fashion Obsessed Art Student
Fashion Moriarty: The Fetishisation of Youth in Fashion
Floral Mess: 5 Ways To Mix Prints
Flounces and Flashes: Oscar De La Renta Gives Galliano A Comeback
House of Jeffers: IFB Conference February 2013
IFB: Amy Odell Asks Jennine Jacob & Others About ‘Finding The Next Bryanboy’
Informed Style: Fashion Love Stories Pt. 1
Miss City Chic: DIY Simple Tassel Bracelet
Nothing to Wear: Dirty Thirty
Style Curated: Shoe Obsession: A Preview
Style Sizzle: Embrace Spring’s Fashion Trends Without Spending A Dime
River City Chic: A Girly-Girl’s Guide to Leather
Runway To Style: Victoria Beckham’s Lengthy Sensuality
TLV Birdie: Live it Local #9: Black & White By Castro
The PhotoGramps: Tribal on Trial
Undercover Dress Up Lover: Snakes
What Would You Wear If: …You Were A Hitchcock Heroine

Much love,

15 February 2013

5 Ways To Wear A Little Red Dress

Valentine's Day was pretty much a non-event for me, seeing as I don't have a boyfriend and no super hot secret admirers felt the need to present themselves to me (so, if any good-looking, single guys around my age happen to be reading this post... get out while you have the chance, I am a notorious sweet addict, your confectionery will never be safe again).
So, basically, this is as close to a Valentine's day themed blog post as you're going to get from me, red being the colour of love. The gorgeous dress featured in all of these looks comes from Modcloth, but you can probably get a little red dress from most clothing stores.

Cardigan / Boots / Bracelets / Belt

Going Out
Shoes / Bracelets / Belt

Business Casual
Blazer / Brogues / Necklace

Leather Jacket / Shoes / Bracelets

Ballet Flats / Hairband / Cardigan

On a different note, you may have noticed I've enabled word verification for comments on my blog. This isn't because I'm a big meanie who wants you to jump through hoops. This is because the blog's been getting a lot of spam recently. Not all of those comments got automatically filtered, and unfortunately it seemed to be the most inappropriate comments that were getting through. I try to keep this blog appropriate in case a young fashion-lover happens to find it, and it's very tedious going through every comment to weed out the spam, so I'm refusing to put up with it!
Buckets of love,

13 February 2013

Alternatives To Wearing Heels

Alternatives To Wearing Heels
I am not a graceful lady.
My feet turn slightly sideways when I walk, I am forever bumping into things and in general I am incredibly awkward when it comes to walking anywhere. This is all while wearing flat shoes, so I dread to think what would happen if I wore heels in public, but I have no doubt it would result in broken bones (either mine from toppling over, or someone else's from me standing on them) and a whole lot of blisters. But what about when heels are the norm, and I'm forbidden from stomping around in my clunky boots? That's basically the reasoning behind this post - a guide to classy looking alternatives to wearing high heels.

Alternatives To Wearing Heels
Ballet Flats
These are a classic. You probably already own a pair - or several in different colours - because they're so versatile. I recommend owning at least a black, peachy-pink and metallic pair. The pair featured are £11.00 from Forever 21.

Cute Sandals
...Not your cheap pair of flip-flops though! Owning a nice pair of sandals is perfect for the summer, and should be a must if you plan on going on holiday somewhere hot. I recommend FitFlops if you want them to be extra comfy too. The embellished sandals featured above are £12.99 from New Look.

Brogue Shoes
These will not look good with the classiest of gowns, but if you're going for a short, casual but pretty dress then these can add a cute little twist to your outfit. The pair featured are £28.00 and come from Dorothy Perkins.

Another classic shoe. These can be worn as a substitute for ballet flats, and patent black pairs like the one featured above could be good for work too. The pair featured are £17.99 from New Look.

Flat knee-high or ankle boots in a simple design can look classy too! Just avoid combat boots (though they are pretty awesome). The ankle boots featured above are £29.99 from AX Paris.

Small Wedges
And finally, this is kind of cheating, but wedges tend to be a lot easier on your legs and feet than traditional stick thin heels - and going for small wedges is even better. The wedges featured are £15.99 from New Look.

I hope this has helped out any other fellow non-graceful beings. If you have any tips on what to wear instead of heels that I haven't mentioned, please share!
Lots of love and flat sensible shoes,

8 February 2013

5 Ways To Mix Prints

5 Ways To Mix Prints
One of the best things about fashion is having fun and experimenting with colours, textures and patterns, but mixing two different prints can be a bit of a gamble - you can end up looking either absolutely amazing or catastrophic. In general I would say you should stick to two prints to mix, three at a push, to avoid looking like a walking jumble sale. I decided to make a little guide with some advice on different ways you can try mixing prints!

Denim shirt, patterned denim jeans and floral boots.
Patterned denim jeans.
The subtle pattern used on these denim jeans contrasts with the bold floral print of the boots, making the outfit interesting without it giving you a headache.

Subtle pops of pattern.
Adding a couple of subtle pops of print to an an otherwise neutral and plain outfit is a great way to liven it up a little! I think this floral scarf and snakeskin print shoes do just that.

Dark jeans, plaid shirt, brown and plaid boots.
Same print, different style.
Simple - use the same pattern in a different colour or style! Plaid is really great for this - it gives a rustic feel to an outfit. You could also try the same type of pattern on a different scale (e.g. a top with little polka dots and a skirt with larger spots).

Striped top, floral skirt, black heels.
Same colours, different pattern.
This is kind of the opposite of the above. I went for a classic black and white colour scheme, using stripes and a floral print, but stripes and polka dots, and subtle colour schemes, could work well together too.

Lace top, leopard print skirt and black flats.
Subtle mixed with bold.
Lace is good for this. Try pairing a subtly printed lacy top with any kind of bold printed skirt. Alternatively, you could try this the same time as the above tips, and pair a bold floral print with a subtler one, or bold and subtle prints in similar colour schemes.

I hope this post has given you some inspiration on how you can try mixing prints in your outfits. Of course, this is just a quick guide, and I'd definitely encourage you to think outside the box - that's what fashion is all about! Please feel free to share any tips, comments or advice you may have about mixing prints in the comments below.
Thanks very much for reading. Until next time, happy print mixing!

6 February 2013

Fashion Flashback: 1960s

My goodness! I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last post. 2013 has been a pretty damn hectic year for my so far, so as you can see my blog has kind of taken a backseat. But for now, my exams are over and I feel there is a great weight off my shoulders, so I can get back to doing fun things now that I have more free time - like running this blog properly again!
Fashion Flashback is a series of affordable, modern outfits that take inspiration from the fashion of past decades. If you'd like to see my last post on 1950s fashion, check it out here. This time it's all about the 1960s!

The sixties was an important time for fashion. It saw the rise of many items which are still wardrobe staples to this day, such as mini skirts and ballet flats, and fashion was fun and flirty. One of the most famous fashion icons of the decade was fashion model Twiggy, famous for her unique, androgynous look and thin figure.

Items featured:
1. Dress from Topshop / £46.00
2. Bangle from Macy's / £12.29
3. Bangle from Mango / £10.00
4. Earrings from Dorothy Perkins / £5.00
5. Shoes from Republic / £18.00
Total = £91.29

Inspiration pictures taken from here and here.

Both monochrome and bright colours were in fashion during the 1960s, so I wanted this outfit to give a little nod to both. Shift dresses won't look great on everyone, but if you substitute it for a LBD that suits your body shape then I think this makes for a timeless outfit! So, what do you think of the style of the 60s? What's your favourite decade for fashion?
As always, thank you so much for reading, and comments are very much appreciated.
Tons of love,
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