12 December 2012

Fashion Flashback: 1950s

Fashion Flashback: 1950s
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This is part of a series! You can check out my last Fashion Flashback post here.
I absolutely adore fashion in the 1950s. Fashion started to become a little more daring. Waists were cinched, full skirts were worn, and the world was recovering from the hard times caused by the war. The 1950s also saw a surge in popularity with pin-up girls. Nowadays, pin-up inspired fashion is incredibly popular. I'd say that the 1950s seems to be one of the most popular decades with modern fashionistas wearing retro fashion.

1950s Inspired
I can't possibly write a post about 1950s fashion without mentioning Marilyn Monroe. She had this perfect balance of sex appeal and glamour while also being totally loveable. This Wikipedia article on all the times she's been referenced in pop culture says it all - her image has truly been immortalised. To this day, she is one of the biggest style icons of all time.

1950s Inspired
1. Clutch from Debenhams / £7.50
2. Sunglasses from Mango / £22.99
3. Dress from Dorothy Perkins / £50.00
4. Shoes from ASOS / £20.00
5. Necklace from Modcloth / £7.50
Total =  £107.99

What's your favourite part of 1950s fashion? Comments are always appreciated. Next time I'll be moving on to the 1960s, so I'd love to hear what your favourite trends from that decade are too.
Until next time, happy shopping!


  1. Love the fifties. Great time period. You have a really cute blog.
    I will be checking it out again.


    1. I agree, it's definitely one of my favourites fashion-wise. Thanks so much!

  2. 1950's were amazing! love this post, the outfit you picked out makes me want to buy it all and then go out dancing heehee! lovely! xx


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