23 January 2013

The Wizard Of Oz

The Wizard Of Oz
I was watching this film the other week, and I was reminded about how beautiful is. The colours in Oz are so vibrant, and the costumes are fantastic, and it got me inspired to write a blog post inspired by the film. I started out just wanting to recreate Dorothy's iconic outfit, but then I found inspiration in a few other places, and here are the results!
I've linked most of the items included in these outfits underneath each outfit. If you want to see the full list of items then you can find all of these outfits on my Polyvore page.

This first look is inspired by Glinda, the good witch, who wore my favourite costume from this movie, and possibly one of my favourite costumes from any movie. It must've weighed a ton! Glinda's dress is pretty much how I longed to dress every day for the rest of my life when I was about 6 years old.

Items included:
Dress from New Look / £55.00
Oxford Shoes from Splendid / £62.00
Earrings from Accessorize / £3.00
Bracelets from Dorothy Perkins / £15.00
The wicked witch had the right idea (in terms of fashion mind you, a little less so in terms of morals) - after all, black is always in fashion. I do think the hat was a bit of a fashion faux pas though - it's just for decoration on here, but you can try and rock it if you're a fan of pointy headgear. Green body paint is also optional.

Items included:
Dress from House Of Fraser / £22.00
Heels from Macy's / £23.00
Skull Ring from Topshop / £8.50
Flower Ring from Etsy / £7.60
Studded Clutch from Awear / £20.00
Nail Polish from SpaRitual / £7.60

This one is a little more abstract, but hey, how often do you see outfits with generous lashings of emerald green in them? Not often enough, I think. Emerald was voted 2013's colour of the year by Pantone, so maybe you'll be seeing a lot more of it this year. The land of Oz itself is so vibrant and colourful in the movie that I thought it deserved an outfit of its own.

Items included:
Jumper from Romwe / £39.00
Jeans from Miss Selfridge / £43.00
Beanie from Allsaints / £35.00
Nail Polish from NARS / £14.00

And last but definitely not least... well, I couldn't resist. Dorothy's outfit is so iconic that I don't doubt many a fashion blogger before me has taken inspiration from it, but I still felt I had to put my own little spin on it. I had to include some ruby red heels, perfect for walking down your own yellow brick road in.

Items included:
Dress from General Pants Co. / £60.00
Blouse from Monki / £12.00
Shoes from Steve Madden / £34.00
Necklace from ASOS / £18.00
Bag from Forever 21 / £16.00
Nail Polish from OPI / £16.00
Socks from Opening Ceremony / £13.00

Do you like posts that are a little more like these? It was so much fun putting this together!
Thank you so much, as ever, for reading. Until next time, keep following that yellow brick road.


  1. Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. Cool post! Love what you've done and it was so fun to read. I love all of the outfits and I totally know what you mean about Glinda the Good Witch's dress haha! I'm pretty sure I would have done anything to dress like that every day!! The emerald green jumper and heels look amazing!

    Abby x


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