4 January 2013

5 Fashion New Year Resolutions

Welcome to my first blog post of 2013, and the end of my blogging hiatus!
Usually, I'm pretty good with my new year's resolutions, mostly because I either set realistically easy-to-accomplish ones or I don't set them at all. This year I thought I'd go with the former option, and because I've enjoyed fashion blogging a lot these past few months, I thought I'd make them all fashion-related. So, I present to you my fashion resolutions for 2013.

#1. Have a proper closet clean out
I recently became aware of the fact that my wardrobe is full. I realised this as I was desperately trying to cram a pair of leggings onto an already full clothes rack. I confirmed that I definitely need to have a closet clean out when I found a top that was for ages 13-14. I am 17 years old. Yikes. So, my resolution is to look through the whole of my wardrobe and get rid of the items I never wear or don't fit me properly. I plan on filling big charity bag with my old clothes and possibly saving an item or two in case I want to try a DIY project.

#2. Buy less fashion fads, and more classically stylish items
I think I've been pretty good throughout 2012 in not buying into fleeting fashion trends too much, but I'm making it an official resolution of mine this year. My goal is to buy less of these fads and more items which never seem to go out of style. This would save money, and would also mean less need for closet clean outs in the future!

#3. Try out some DIY tutorials
This is pretty simple. I've seen lots of easy DIY tutorials that I wanted to try but never got round to it, so my resolution is to try out one or two of them. In a lot of cases putting in a bit of work can save money too, which is a bonus.

#4. Learn how to sew better
I can sew, but not very well, so I'd like to learn how to do it a little better. Sewing is a skill which can easily fix a lot of fashion problems, such as buttons falling off or small rips in fabric. Plus, it's just a good general life skill to know.

#5. Stay the same dress size
I am currently a UK dress size 10, which makes me somewhere in the middle of being curvy and slim. I'm at a healthy weight now, so I'm not particularly bothered about losing weight, although some of my jeans are a little tight right now so I could probably do with losing a couple of pounds. My goal for this year is to stay the same dress size, so that I won't have to buy a load of new clothes in a different size because my current wardrobe is too tight or too loose for me!

Do you have any fashion-related new year resolutions for 2013? Please share!
Thank you for bearing with me through this blogging hiatus. I am so so grateful for all returning readers of this blog, and I hope that I'll be writing another set of resolutions for my blog this time next year.
Much love,


  1. Great resolutions! Would you like to follow eachother? xx



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