13 February 2013

Alternatives To Wearing Heels

Alternatives To Wearing Heels
I am not a graceful lady.
My feet turn slightly sideways when I walk, I am forever bumping into things and in general I am incredibly awkward when it comes to walking anywhere. This is all while wearing flat shoes, so I dread to think what would happen if I wore heels in public, but I have no doubt it would result in broken bones (either mine from toppling over, or someone else's from me standing on them) and a whole lot of blisters. But what about when heels are the norm, and I'm forbidden from stomping around in my clunky boots? That's basically the reasoning behind this post - a guide to classy looking alternatives to wearing high heels.

Alternatives To Wearing Heels
Ballet Flats
These are a classic. You probably already own a pair - or several in different colours - because they're so versatile. I recommend owning at least a black, peachy-pink and metallic pair. The pair featured are £11.00 from Forever 21.

Cute Sandals
...Not your cheap pair of flip-flops though! Owning a nice pair of sandals is perfect for the summer, and should be a must if you plan on going on holiday somewhere hot. I recommend FitFlops if you want them to be extra comfy too. The embellished sandals featured above are £12.99 from New Look.

Brogue Shoes
These will not look good with the classiest of gowns, but if you're going for a short, casual but pretty dress then these can add a cute little twist to your outfit. The pair featured are £28.00 and come from Dorothy Perkins.

Another classic shoe. These can be worn as a substitute for ballet flats, and patent black pairs like the one featured above could be good for work too. The pair featured are £17.99 from New Look.

Flat knee-high or ankle boots in a simple design can look classy too! Just avoid combat boots (though they are pretty awesome). The ankle boots featured above are £29.99 from AX Paris.

Small Wedges
And finally, this is kind of cheating, but wedges tend to be a lot easier on your legs and feet than traditional stick thin heels - and going for small wedges is even better. The wedges featured are £15.99 from New Look.

I hope this has helped out any other fellow non-graceful beings. If you have any tips on what to wear instead of heels that I haven't mentioned, please share!
Lots of love and flat sensible shoes,

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