22 February 2013

Top 5 Spring Makeup Trends 2013

Hi there. Spring most definitely has not sprung quite yet, but I'm sure we all want to be prepared for when it does. So here are some beauty trends that I'll be looking forward to for this spring!

1. Matte Lips
 Giles / Burberry Prorsum / Missoni
Drop that lip gloss - the lip texture for this spring is matte. Think velvety and smooth rather than dry. I particularly love the bright coral shade used by Missoni (on the right).

2. Think Pink
 Peter Som / Donna Karan / Costello Tagliapietra
Pink is the colour of this spring beauty-wise, whether it's a pale shade or a vibrant one. The bright pink mascara might be a little much, so instead wear a bright pop of fuchsia on your lips, go for a pink eyeshadow that suits your eye colour, or go a little crazy with the pink blush.

3. Fresh Faced Minimalism
Alexander Wang / Rag & Bone / Oscar De La Renta
Not exactly ground-breaking stuff, but this is a look that's refreshing to see after all the oxblood-stained lips of autumn and winter. It's all about pretty, glowing skin, bronzer and blusher, and possibly (gasp) bare lashes!

4. Stand-Out Liner
Michael Kors / Marc Jacobs / Fendi
Whether its the sixties-inspired look from Marc Jacobs or the bold, bright coloured liner from Michael Kors, this spring is the time to experiment with your liner. Try looking up makeup tutorials for ideas on what you can do with your eyeliner - there's tons of them!

5. Bold, Dark Eyebrows
Jason Wu / Moschino / Marc Jacobs
Go easy on the plucking, and have your eyebrow pencil handy. Bold eyebrows have been in for quite some time now, which is good news if you're like me and have naturally fairly thick brows. As seen on model of the moment Cara Delevingne (she's on the right in the stand-out liner picture).

So what are you looking forward to this spring beauty-wise? Feel free to leave your comments below.
Lots of love and eyeliner,


  1. great post (: love the matte lips.

    xx S.

    1. Love them too! Thanks for reading.

  2. Beautiful. Love the new beauty trends. Thanks for sharing.



  3. such a great post honey :) really love the brow and the matte lip trend!

  4. Love this!!! I can't wait for fresh faces and matte lips! (:


  5. I have been using the matte lip trend for a bit now and I must say I'm finally used to it and have stopped licking my lips! It takes some getting used to : ) !

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

    1. I'm really bad with licking lips too, I couldn't wear lipstick all day for that reason! Thanks for reading, Lauren.

  6. Digging the matte lips look, I wonder if I can pull it off, nice round up of spring makeup looks.

    ▲_▲ HYENA


    1. I'm not sure if I can either but I'm extremely tempted to try! Thanks for reading.

  7. love the bright lip!
    cute blog you have - now following you on gfc - hope you follow back xx

  8. wooow :) great post


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