5 December 2012

Winter Pastels

Winter Pastels
Have I told you how much I love pastels? Well, I do. Lots and lots. While they are usually considered spring colours, I think they are lovely all year round. In winter time they can add colour to your outfit in a toned-down, pretty way.

Items featured:
1. Scarf from Monki / £18.00
2. Beanie from River Island / £13.00
3. Blouse from Monki / £25.00
4. Dr. Marten Boots / £120.00
5. Jumper from Topshop / £36.00
6. Shirt from Republic / £24.00
7. Jeans from River Island / £20.00

I've been heavy with the Christmas-related natter recently due to child-like excitement that the beginning of December always brings, so I thought I'd making this post a little different (i.e. slightly calmer) would be a good idea.
Thanks for reading.

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