14 December 2012

Christmas Day Outfits

Christmas Day Outfits
What's this? No Friday Five today?
Well, I'm shaking things up a little bit because this will be one of my last posts for a while. I'll be officially on hiatus until early January. I feel like I need a little break because obviously Christmas is a pretty busy time, and then I have a few exams in January that are going to take up a lot of my time. But I'll be back soon, of course, armed with some shiny new posts and hopefully a new blog layout.
Now, in this post, I'll be showing you three outfits that will get me through Christmas day!

Christmas Morning
 Christmas Morning
In my opinion, nothing beats spending the whole of Christmas morning snuggled up in your PJs. I've done it ever since I was a little girl, and I see no reason to stop now!

Outdoor Venture
Braving The Cold
There is some sort of unwritten rule that if there is snow on the ground on Christmas day, the entire family has to leave the gorgeous warmth of the house and trek aimlessly through the snow to nowhere in particular for about twenty minutes. I've never really got the point of this, but I guess it's a nice tradition.

Christmas Dinner
This will usually take place just after we've gone on an outside venture, and is one of my favourite parts of the day. I like to wear something casual (i.e. with a bit of room for Christmas pudding) but nice and pretty. This could also be worn for Christmas parties.

 So, these are the sorts of things I'll be wearing on Christmas day, but what about you? Will it be a pajama day for you or will you be dressed up to the nines by 7am? Leave a comment if you like.
Lots of love and mistletoe,


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