7 December 2012

Friday Five: Winter Headwear!

Friday Five: Winter Headwear!
Goodness gracious. I can't believe it's been almost two months since I started Floral Mess. I guess time flies when you're having fun, right? I'm almost a little impressed with myself for keeping it up regularly for this long, but I think maybe I should wait a few more months before I start feeling smug.
This post is inspired by the fact that winter and my ears are not friends. They, along with their buddy my nose, are the first part of me to turn ice cold when I decide to brave the outdoors during winter. What better way to stop this than with some trendy (and more importantly warm) winter headgear?

1. The Bear Hat Of Adorableness
Lipsy / £12.00
2. The Ear Muffs
Republic / £10.00
3. The Faux Fur Hat
New Look / £9.99
4. The Trapper Hat
H&M / £14.99
5. The Beanie
Topshop / £12.00

Now, I'm off to make a nice big mug of hot chocolate and daydream about Christmas. Thank you for reading and, as always, comments are very much appreciated!
Lots of love,


  1. Oh my word! I absolutely love 1 and 4! So freaking adorable!

    1. Hehe, I squee'd a little when I first saw number 1! Thanks Amanda!

  2. Your list is perfection, I want every single item you covet for, especially bear hat and the ear muffs, they would all be an amazing addition to any wardrobe. Your have a lovely blog by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

    1. Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked the post!


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