10 October 2012

An Inglorious Introduction

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Well. I've been wanting to start a blog for a long time, and a while ago I realised there was pretty much no point in delaying it - there's nothing stopping me, after all, other than my good old friend procrastination. So I abruptly made up a remotely pretty sounding URL, signed up to a blogging site, tweaked the layout until it was suitably floral and messy, and then...
Er, well, that's about as far as I got. Since then I've been tossing and turning at night and over-thinking what I want my first blog post to be - which is pretty ridiculous, seeing as it's exceedingly likely that this post will achieve a total of 2 views, both of them being me. I decided in the end that it's easiest to simply write a bit about who I am.

So how do you do, person who is reading this, please allow me to introduce myself.
My name's Katy and I'm a woefully short girl from England. My favourite colour is lilac-y purple and my favourite food is dessert. I should mention at this point that I will be blogging about fashion-y things. Not that I'm a fashion designer (can't sew by hand and was once attacked by a sewing machine, it was very traumatic) or supermodel (already mentioned the height thing), I just love pretty things and I love writing.

For me, fashion should be the following things:
1. Comfortable (I don't wear heels because I find them uncomfortable... also I am stupendously clumsy.)
2. Fun, of course.
3. Inclusive of everyone, regardless of shape or size.
4. Unique to you (Not that following a trend is a bad thing - I do it all the time, in fact - but I think it's better to be inspired by trends, not follow every last one even if you're not a fan of it.)
5. Affordable. I love looking for bargains.
I'll leave that as a neat little list of 5, though I could probably ramble on all day. Speaking of rambling, I think this post is more than long enough, so if you've survived to the end I offer you many thanks. See you later (hopefully)!

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