31 October 2012

Halloween Chic

Halloween Chic
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Happy Halloween, everybody!
I hope you have fun whether you're trick-or-treating, partying, or doing what I'm usually doing (that would be staying indoors on sweet-giving duty, watching scary movies, and jumping out of your skin every time a costumed little kid rings the doorbell). No matter what you're doing, I put together a fashion collage of some terrifyingly cute items that you could wear whether you're dressing up or not.

Here are all the items featured above:
1. Necklace from Gypsy Warrior / $20.00 (Approx. £12.45)
2. Ring from Gypsy Warrior / $18.00 (Approx. £11.20)
3. Collar from Gypsy Warrior / $32.00 (Approx. £19.95)
4. Top from Miss Rebel / £14.99
5. Bracelet from Dorothy Perkins / £6.50
6. Spiked Headband from ASOS / £10.00
7. Skull Jeans from ASOS / £70.00
8. Shirt from Topshop / £52.00
9. "Red Black" Nail Polish from Barry M / £2.99
10. "Gold Mine" Nail Polish from Barry M / £2.99

Hope you have a thriller of a night! (Sorry, that was pretty awful but I couldn't resist.)
 See you next time.


  1. How much fun. Hope you had a great Halloween!

  2. I stayed home and watched scary movies :) Love the outfit, hope you had fun this year!
    Filipa from http://ohmyfilipa.blogspot.com

    1. I did pretty much the same! Thanks for reading.


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