12 October 2012

Friday Five: 5 Cute Wellington Boots!

banner credit: pattern and colours
Welcome to my first Friday Five. 2 posts in and we've already established that I'm an alliteration fangirl.
The plan is that I make a post about five things every Friday. It could be an ordered list of my top 5 favourite beauty products, it could be 5 ways to wear a certain item of clothing, you get the picture. This week, inspired by the rainy weather that England has been receiving, I will be posting about the footwear which everyone is currently wearing - good old rain boots!

1. Joules / £36.95 
Well, you may already have guessed by my blog's title and background that I am a big fan of floral print, so these are right up my street! The print is bold and pretty, and these are my firm favourites out of all of the wellies that I found.

2. New Look / £9.00
Leopard print never seems to go out of style, and I love these boots! There are currently none left in stock though - it's a shame that my bargain hunting senses didn't lead me to them sooner, or I would've grabbed a pair already.

3. Joules / £36.95
Continuing with the animal theme! There's a lot of bird print around lately, but the print is a bit different on these boots - bold, colourful, but not too loud. They're very cute, and I love the colours.

 3. River Island / £15.00
My inner sophisticated and refined lady (who totally exists) is telling me that I shouldn't be so excited by sparkly rubber. After all, I am now too mature for pink jelly sandals and the like (none in my size).
But oh my goodness, SO SPARKLY! Plus, they're on sale at the moment!

5. H&M  / £19.99
I put these at the bottom of the list because they're shorter than the rest, and might not provide enough protection for your tootsies when wading through mounds of snow, but they should be able to defend you from the odd puddle at the very least. I love the vibrant colour and I think they're just adorable.

I hope you enjoyed my first Friday Five post, and that it has possibly inspired you in some way or another. See you next week and happy shopping!


  1. I love the last pair of boots! Also your post--headers with the floral background--is a really great idea, it brings something unique to your blog.


    1. Thanks so much for the feedback Rachel, I really appreciate it!


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