30 November 2012

Friday Five: 5 Cute Scarves

Friday Five: 5 Cute Scarves
I seem to have a bit of a winter series going on here.You can see my previous Friday Five posts about coats here and oversized jumpers here. Today I left the house thinking I'd be fine in just a jumper. I ended up with a bright pink nose that almost felt like it was going to fall off, wishing that I had something to cover it with. That's where scarves come in!

1. River Island / £16.00
2. River Island / £18.00
3. Vero Moda / £20.30
4. River Island / £10.00
5. Pieces / £17.86

I just realised that 3/5 of the scarves are from River Island, d'oh! While I was searching I found that they do a really pretty range of scarves, I recommend you check them out. Topshop also do a lot of pretty ones, so check them out too. (I have possibly become scarf-obsessed.)
Are you a fellow scarf lover? Got your eye on any particular pretty ones? Leave a comment and let me know.
Hugs and hot chocolate,

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