9 November 2012

Friday Five: 5 Cute Collar Necklaces

Friday Five: 5 Cute Collar Necklaces
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Welcome to another Friday Five! This week the focus is on collar necklaces. I love them because they can transform a plain shirt and add a bit of detail to it, or simply be worn as a quirky necklace with any kind of top. I got myself a simple imitation pearl one from Topshop a while back and it can add a special something to pretty much any outfit!
Note: "Necklaces" may not be the right word to describe all of the items featured here, but I couldn't think of a better term.

Studded Collar
1. Boohoo / £10.00
This is going to sound weird but I can't help but get a little bit excited every time I see something with studs or spikes.
Wear with: Leather jacket and fingerless gloves. You are now dressing like a badass. Own it.

Frilly Collar
2. Dorothy Perkins / £16.50
This collar is way too adorable! Add this to an outfit if you want to instantly make it 10x more cutesy.
Wear with: A pretty dress. Preferably something with a ruffle or two.

Gold Collar

3. Wallis / £18.50
The detail on this collar is gorgeous. Would maybe be good for holiday parties if you happen to be attending any.
Wear with: Something elegant to add a bit of a modern twist.

Bejewelled Collar
4. River Island / £18.00
I'm really loving the embellishment on this collar. Again, this could add a twist to an elegant outfit.
Wear with: For some reason I feel this would look really good with a black blazer.

Snake Print Collar
5. ASOS / £15.00
This is probably the funnest collar necklace on this list. I love animal print so I find this really cute.
Wear with: A black and white outfit to spice it up a little.

So, which of these is your favourite? How would you wear a collar necklace? Comments are always warmly welcomed.
Thanks for reading!

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