18 November 2012

Wearing Brighter Colours In Winter

Wearing Brighter Colours In Winter
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During winter there usually aren't many bright colours to be seen, both in terms of the environment and clothing. It can be easy to just stick to black and white, but I can't help but find it a bit dull. Here I've put together three different ways to wear bright colours during the winter months.

Adding a pop of neon to a black-and-white outfit can make it look a lot more fun. Keep it to one or two neon items to avoid looking like a glow stick!

Jewel Tones
Jewel Tones by floral-mess
This is the most toned-down of the three outfits. You can wear jewel colours with earthy colours for a look that's subtle but not dull by any means. 
 Candy Colours
I call these "candy colours" because they're so sweet looking! As with the neon pop outfit, avoid going overboard with the bright colours for a cute and girly outfit.

Do you wear bright colours during winter or stick to safer shades? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Every Outfit is pretty, I would like to wear the second *-*

    *my blog*

    xx, Anira

  2. Love the jewel tones look!


  3. I'm all for wearing bright colors year round! But it does get so grim if everyone stomps around in the cold in all black and grey, though, so I suppose yes, winter should be even brighter!


  4. Love the first set!


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